The Future of Facebook Advertising… Meets Annoying Auto-Play Functionality

social media agency st louisBuy a hat and hold onto it. Because if you missed the memo, Facebook’s recently announced changes to their News Feed has implications far beyond how quickly you see your sister’s baby’s picture. For the advertisers, brands and stakeholders of Facebook, the new and improved News Feed also brings with it the potential for new advertising forms (and increased revenue). Particularly in the form of videos.

Thought that Facebook advertising annoyed you before? Try keeping your cool with a 15-second video that automatically plays in your News Feed, as recently reported. With the redesigned News Feed, Facebook places a greater emphasis on aesthetically pleasing visuals. That means bigger pictures, even bigger ads and yes, possibly video ads.

While the new form of video advertising has yet to be officially announced, sources report they are currently in beta testing for the feature and it could be released as early as the first half of this year.

Now it’s your turn: Facebook’s updated News Feed is meant to better serve both users and advertisers, but how do you really feel — is this just another useless change? Will you always mute the video ads? Or are you holding out hope that with the updated News Feed also comes ads more relevant to your interests? Leave us a comment and let us know!