The Eyes Have It: What Content Matters Most on Facebook

What if you could know exactly where the eyes go on your Facebook profile? Oh, wait, you can. Mashable recently posted the coolest image ever, showing just where the eye goes on Facebook profiles.

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The results? Not all that surprising.

Profile pictures are eye candy, too, as posts are concentrated towards the top of the page. The left and right columns, containing friends and the news ticker, are also focused on.

But what does this mean for a business page on Facebook? While we can’t necessarily say the exact same results will be true in terms of where precisely on a page the eyes focus, we can do a bit of inference. Put on your thinking caps!

  • Profile picture. This is one element, personal profile or business page that will remain important—we’re visual people. That means a business page should not just have an aesthetically pleasing picture, but they should try to change it up every now and then. If you’ve had your logo as your profile picture for the last year, it’s time for a change.
  • Recent updates. If your business wants to promote a seminar, but the last time you posted about it was a week ago, your post is likely as the bottom of your page. That’s where nobody will ever see it. Share important information often so it can remain close to the top of your page. It just makes sense!
  • Clear out the clutter. When you started your Facebook page or added an app, you might have picked up a few extra tabs along the way. You know – those tabs on the left panel just below your profile picture. If you don’t have a newsletter but you do have a newsletter tab, delete it. It’s only going to distract from what you do have.

Now it’s your turn. When you’re on Facebook, what information and on what parts of the page do YOU focus on the most?

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