The ever evolving world of Twitter

Earlier this week, in an attempt to bring users back to their web-based interface, Twitter unveiled two new changes that may pique the interest of both social media specialists and noobs alike.

First up: the addition of a “tweet window” on a user’s profile page. This will allow Twitter users to publicly reply to another user with ease when they navigate to a fellow user’s profile. We know that it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s definitely more convenient than its predecessor. In its prior layout, you either needed to know the user handle or click on their avatar and select “mention”.   

The second new feature to roll out is the replacement of the “mentions” tab. In its place now appears a tab marked “@[username]”. Within this new tab, a user will find a more personalized notifications dashboard, complete with favorited items that have been highlighted by fellow users, retweeted tweets, new follower notifications and—of course—mentions.

Lastly, the fine folks at Twitter rolled out an “Activity” tab, which has the same activity notifications as the “@[username] tab, but more individualized to user follows. In a way, it’s very similar to Facebook’s newsfeed. You’re now privy to your follower’s activity.

Are you confused yet? Are you still with us?

We kid, we kid. However, the real questions are:

  • What does this mean for application kings like Hootsuite & TweetDeck?
  • Will more people start to login to their long dormant web-based Twitter accounts?
  • Will the web app be more useful for businesses because of the detailed activity?
  • Do you even think it will have a significant impact?

Sound off: Will you be inclined to use again with these new changes? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy Tweeting!