The Digital Age: Moving Up the Digital Media Ladder

Over the past century, our economy has made the shift from the Industrial Revolution to the Digital Revolution.  Digital media has become part of our culture and prevalent in today’s society.   Back when Facebook was first founded in 2004, it was just a social networking service for students to connect with one another at Harvard University.  Facebook has grown immensely since then.  What about Twitter? It was created just two years after Facebook and has moved up the digital media ladder.  These social networking sites now also serve as a platform for companies to connect with customers and help their business grow. Many people have immersed themselves into the world of digital media and companies are doing the same.Digital Globe

How much has the digital age affected advertising? The following snapshot offers a brief glimpse:

  • Twitter unveils a new TV Ad Targeting product that hopes to integrate social media and the firmly-established TV platform
  • LinkedIn has jumped on the media train by now having Sponsored Updates (similar to Facebook’s sponsored posts) into user feeds
  • To better combine digital assets and acumen, two ad giants (New York based-Omnicom Group and Paris based-Publicis Group) merged
  • Instagram is said to even be mulling some sort of monetization plan on their platform, too.

While the advertising world is constantly evolving, there are two things that haven’t changed: content and creativity.  Some ad agencies might agree with us when we say that creative content is still important no matter how tech savvy your company might be.  I am curious to see what the future holds for advertising.  Who knows, maybe we will start advertising on flying cars in 20 years. (OK maybe not but that would be pretty cool!)