The Anointed One: Twitter Comes to iOS5

In the tech world, there are a few battles being waged: Apple vs. Microsoft, Apple vs. Amazon, Apple vs. Google. Added to that list now is Apple vs. Facebook. With the latest Apple platform to be launched this Fall, Twitter will be integrated as the social network on iOS 5 devices.

According to a recent report, Apple is valued around $317.60 billion – that’s more than the values of Microsoft ($201.59 billion) and Intel ($115.21 billion) combined. In other words, “Look out, Facebook, Twitter just joined the big leagues.” Twitter has just aligned itself with one of the hottest commodities in the tech world.

So what, exactly, does it mean that Twitter will be integrated into iOS 5? For everybody with an iPhone, iPod and iPad, they will be able to Tweet directly from Twitter-enabled apps, like the Camera and Maps. This is a giant invitation for anybody with a Twitter account to tweet at any time. Just walked to Tower Grove Park? Want to snap a picture of some blooming trees? It is literally as easy as the touch of a button. In short, Apple is making it ridiculously easy to tweet now.

Best of all? Twitter and your contacts will be integrated, so your contact information can include Twitter usernames.

With the millions of iPods, iPads, and iPhones already in use and being bought every day, this partnership could have a serious leveling-of-the-field effect for Twitter. Twitter has seen tremendous growth in the past year, but only 13% of adults on the Internet are using Twitter. By integrating Twitter in with the operating systems of millions of iPods, iPads, and iPhones, users really have no reason not to tweet. Currently we see our moms, employers, neighbors, high school sweethearts and giant conglomerations amongst Facebook’s 600 million users. Could these widespread demographics come now to Twitter?