Talent: You’ve Probably Already Got It

Every business wants to employ the best talent in the industry. What they often don’t know is that they may already have it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years, it’s to never underestimate your employees – you probably don’t know them as well as you think you do.

In our office, we employ many different types of people, all extremely talented — and not just in their current positions. We have musicians, artists, public speakers – the list goes on and on. Most recently we hired a new Business Growth Manager, Troy, with a background in broadcasting. It’s customary for us to have our new hires come up with a creative way to deliver our mission statement at our monthly meeting and it just so happened Troy was chosen for this month’s meeting. We were impressed, to say the least. We’ve had everything from a hip hop break-dance to a Mumford and Sons rendition of our mission statements at these meetings, so we’re never quite sure what we’re in for until our employees take the stage.

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Troy K Mission Statement

When we asked Troy to come up with a creative idea for the meeting, we expected some “radio” voices and witty commentary. What he delivered was beyond our expectations in a great way. What it showed us is that we’ve got to remember to take a close look at the amazing talent we have in the office, because our staff may already have what we’re looking for. We’re “always growing” but we’re taking the great talent we’ve already got with us.