Taco Bell #Fail Has Us Thinking About Social Media Policies

taco bellSocial media can quickly take your business to great places – as well as really low ones. Does this photo look familiar? A customer on Taco Bell’s Facebook page posted this picture recently. As you can imagine, it only took a matter of moments for the photo to go viral and the rest, well that’s to be determined. The company has since released a statement explaining the incident was a prank. For some people, however, the image was enough to turn them away as customers in the future.

As usual when these sorts of incidents occur, we are reminded just how much power social media has to positively (or negatively) impact brands. Social media policies are no longer an option—they’re a necessity and zero tolerance policies should be included. You can’t always protect your brand from negative social media backlash, but you should be prepared to handle it quickly and efficiently.

We’re all human; we’re bound to make mistakes every now and again, just don’t let those mistakes get the best of your brand if you can help it. They say the best defense is a good offense – what’s your brand’s social media offense?