Super Bowl Ads: The Game Within The Game

Whether you are rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens (or if you are still licking your wounds from Denver’s crushing loss), a few short weeks will determine who gets to wear the NFL crown (or special commemorative cap during post-game press conferences). Now for all of you fair-weather fans or “couldn’t care less” fans that participate in Super Bowl festivities simply because it’s fun, we know you must be giddy with anticipation for this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Year after year, advertising executives and producers get together to spend ungodly amounts of advertising dollars on Super Bowl commercials in the hopes they will make a year-long impression on viewers. Halftime of the Super Bowl is, for many, more important and more entertaining than the game itself. We’re going to be gathering around the TV to see what hilarious, over-the-top and pushing the envelope commercials this year’s brands have created.

In order to mentally prepare ourselves for what is sure to be another entertaining year of Super Bowl commercials, we have been reviewing Adland’s the best Super Bowl commercials of the past 39 years. Take some time, get in Super Bowl mode and let us know which top videos from the past make up your top 5 list.