Sponsored Posts – They’re Everywhere!

It was only a matter of time. You’ve probably heard a lot in recent months regarding Twitter and Facebook’s sponsored posts and now we’ve got a third option: LinkedIn.

Today, David Hahn posted info about LinkedIn’s new sponsored updates on the company blog. Hahn stated: “With Sponsored Updates, marketers will be able to distribute this content directly to relevant professionals in a place their customers and prospects are already consuming professionally relevant content. Marketers can target Sponsored Updates to any segment of our premium audience based on professional profile data across more than 225 million members.” (You can find the full breakdown of what LinkedIn Sponsored Posts bring to the table here.)

So what makes LinkedIn Sponsored Posts different from the others ? The platform itself. LinkedIn is the social resource for individuals in the professional marketplace. If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re looking to grow your business and find business partners. This reason alone makes Sponsored Posts on LinkedIn a wise move for organizations looking to spend marketing dollars in social advertising. What better place to feature industry relevant content than the place your target market frequents daily?

Being so new, we don’t have any feedback to give on the product thus far but we will be sure to share as soon as we do. Tell us your thoughts on LinkedIn’s Sponsored Posts. Does it make sense for your business?