Some Key Marketing Factors You Need to Remember in 2014

Let’s assume you have taken the advice of every marketer you know and dedicated some much needed resources to marketing your brand digitally. Awesome. Now that you’ve gotten past that hurdle, there are key marketing factors that you need to remember as you move through 2014.

Don’t be wishy-washy. Any and all content released by your brand should be structured to clearly represent your organization. Your content should define you – it shouldn’t leave visitors more confused than before they visited your website. If visitors have to guess what your company does, you’ve lost the sale before you even started.

Don’t be boring. The last thing anyone has time for is another boring blog post. The likelihood that someone is even reading your entire blog post, whitepaper or Facebook rant is slim. However, if they find helpful information as they scan through the piece, they’ll likely return in the future. So if you’re going to be out there writing and publishing content, make it worth your reader’s time.

Be shareable. What’s the point of having great web content if you can’t share it with the rest of the digital universe? If it’s relevant, quality information, but uneasy to share, it loses its value. Make sure your website, mobile site and digital pieces are designed in a way that are easily shareable so that you’ll retain traffic.

Short, simple, yet easily forgotten. Don’t let these simple marketing mistakes bring you down in 2014.