Social Media Tips for New Grads

Welcome to the real world, graduates. There are no meal plans or skateboarding professors here and only the occasional theme party. If you’re lucky. And if you’re anything like me after I graduated, you’ll spend the next 9-12 months trying to find your career. But before you land that dream job (or not), you’re going to want to reconsider your use of social media.

Think twice, or even thrice, before posting. I recently gave a talk to kids at Clyde C. Miller Academy on the topic. In short, I told them if you wouldn’t want you mom to see it, don’t put it on Facebook. And of course there’s my second motto: better safe than sorry. You might think nobody important can see your Facebook, but it’s best to keep anything downright stupid to yourself.

Clean it up. There’s a difference between a picture of you drinking a Corona on the beach and you doing a keg stand wearing a dress. Use common sense when cleaning up your pictures and content — and don’t forget to look everywhere: personal blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Once again: if you wouldn’t want your mom to see it, you don’t want your future employer to see it, either. Unless your mom is the one holding your legs in that keg stand picture.

Google it. Lee David Clayworth can’t get a job because his angry ex was also his crazy ex. Just google him. I’m blessed and cursed to have a very boring and “un-googleable” name. But even if you’re in the same boast, think about your online “persona.” Do you have the same username on Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr? That makes it way easier for somebody to find you. Google that too and see what comes up.

What are your tips for new grads or just those on the job hunt? Leave us a comment!