Social Media Incentives Play to Your Child-Like Side

Over the decades of marketing, the more things that have changed, yet the foundations have remained the same; all marketers know that emotions sell products and incentives keep you coming back. This same rule applies to social media, too. It’s like when you attend a sporting event and the entire crowd stands in unison to sing the national anthem: you feel like you’re actively participating in a community-like setting. In social media, we gain this same sense of belonging when our posts are retweeted or our blogs are shared; we’re an active part of the conversation (at least that’s what it feels like).

Beyond just providing that good ‘ol sense of belonging, social media is known for the incentives it offers for being part of a certain social circle. Discounts for Facebook Check-in’s, artificial titles handed out on Foursquare (the Mayor of Abstrakt Marketing Group, for example) and other incentives are much like the prize that we desperately searched for at the bottom of a cereal box as a kid. It was enough to keep our loyalty to the cereal that continually offered the best prize.

A Cone Consumer New Media Study found that promotions and incentives are the number one reason that people choose a brand and 48% of those individuals turn to social media networks when seeking out incentives for that brand. That’s good news for those of you actively involved in the social media realm.  If you’re looking to stay on track with current trends and in the game with the competition, remember to provide rave worthy incentives and remain steadily active online—without overdoing it.

In the end consumers know what they want and if you can use social media to provide what they want­—and a more convenient and lower cost—you’re ahead of the curve.