Social Media Fans Turn Fanatics

Every new trend, sport, and generally all things that are buzz-worthy, generate fans. Social media fans are showing their support to the social media world in extravagant ways, which they then share through their favorite social media outlets.

What does this mean for your company? Well for starters, join the social media community. If you want to make an impact you have to have a presence, and you can’t have a presence if you’re not actively involved. When it comes to developing brand relationships, consumers are influenced by social media as much as anything else. The reason that is a good thing is because the online community has a small intimate feel, meaning your customers feel like they can build a relationship with your company, even in the midst of millions of other users.

This week Mashable, a top reference site for social media news, posted a video of a Facebook Fanatic who chose to express their love of Facebook by getting a trial tattoo of their 152 Facebook friends on their arm. The video gained much attention, even after it was discovered that the “tat” was temporary.  The “friends” are neatly displayed in traditional “sleeve” tattoo form, showcasing Facebook and the individuals’ closest friends. Whether this act was for self-expression or publicity, it’s a great example of how influential social media has become.

It seems apparent that we have not only accepted social media as a part of our everyday life but we want to share our appreciation of it with others.  Whether we are adding our social media links to our advertisements or displaying them on our person, it’s simple to see that the impact social media has on us, individually and professionally, is unrivaled.