Social Madness Competition Update!

The Social Madness Challenge, presented by Capital One Spark Business, is underway. In this early round of the competition, we are seeing many St. Louis companies collecting thousands of votes. In the small company division, we at Abstrakt Marketing Group have made some serious moves from our starting position, now resting in the 13th spot with 128 points. However, we’ve got a long way to go to make it into the top eight by next Tuesday, June 19th – the end of round one.

Scores are calculated with several variables in play: new social media connections on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, combined with company votes, make up a company’s Social Madness score. Every morning at 7 a.m. the scores are calculated for each company on the Social Madness site. Eventually, local winners will compete in the national Social Madness Challenge, but we first must make it to the second round!

To review our current status and cast your votes for Abstrakt Marketing Group in the Social Madness Challenge, please visit the Social Madness St. Louis website. Thank you for your support and the best of luck to our social media colleagues.