So You’re Too Busy For Social Media? We Doubt It

There’s always something we’re too busy for: too busy to workout, too busy to follow our favorite show or for yard-work  but saying you don’t have time for social media just isn’t true. Of course, we’re going to tell you why.

Social media isn’t just another fad—it’s not going away tomorrow and the chances that your business will be fine without it? Slim to none, which means one thing: you make time for social media. It doesn’t mean that you will automatically have more time in your day (quite the contrary); it means that when it comes to growing your company, you’re going to just have to bite the bullet and adapt by making time for your businesses’ social presence.

Unlike some marketing strategies and campaigns that take months to draft and launch, social media is an ongoing conversation that you can begin anytime. Your business is already established, the logo’s been designed and the products and services are already bringing in revenue. All you’ve got to do now is take that presence to the world’s most trafficked social sites. (Hello, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+!)

There are some things that you may be too busy for, but we assure you that social media shouldn’t be on that list. When it’s between staying relevant or going extinct, you make the time.