Should Businesses Blog?



Many businesses out there do not blog and really do not even understand fully what it means to blog. They blow it off as a useless tool that they do not have time for. Another excuse may be that they do not know what to blog about. The fact of the matter is though that blogging is a fun and useful tool that all companies should make use of to benefit their business. A blog can offer so many different benefits to really help a company succeed:

Increase traffic– A good blog on your website will really increase traffic. More traffic to your business’s website is always, Always, ALWAYS a good thing. As more and more people visit your site, your products or services will gain more popularity. Your website’s popularity increases and suddenly you’re turning up higher in more search engines. Traffic can have a major impact upon a business.

Lead generation– Traffic is good, but leads are better. The key is to transform that traffic into leads. A blog can help do that. Using a call to action within your blogs is a simple way to create leads from traffic.

Spread knowledge– A blog can be a good source of information on what the company does and who they help. You can use a blog to clarify and lay out specifics of how your business functions. It can include past experiences that show how well you work. Basically, anything you want your customers to know, you can put in there.

Long term results– The blog you put out will be there until you don’t want it to be. As it gains more views it becomes more popular and floats to the top of search engines. This allows more people to see it which begins a snowball effect. Months later you could be receiving traffic and leads from an old blog post.

Blogs are a simple and easy tool that should never be overlooked. They are a way to really connect to your customers and really drive interest in your business. Blogs are an interesting way to build business and increase your customer base. If you struggle to develop a blog, let Abstrakt help you out. We have experience in blog writing and will help your business operate a successful blog.