Shall we call it the “Digital Revolution”?

It’s crazy to think it’s been over 40 years since the first email was sent out.  Marketing has improved dramatically since the digital/mobile age.  Even within the past five years, the channels we’re communicating through have changed.  How so?  Check out this image for more insights:

It comes as a shocker to me, but email marketing is actually growing.  Over the years, companies have made the change from traditional marketing to more inbound marketing; this focuses on earning people’s awareness, rather than buying their interests.  Check out how marketing through email has changed, and what trends to look forward to:

– It’s all about the conversation!  Instead of one-to-one communication, marketers are using personalization to create highly targeted “one-to-some” messages.

– Goodbye desktop. Way back when, email on a handheld device was almost unheard of.  Today, marketers have to make messages mobile-friendly, reducing images, and scaling down the text to avoid that weird right-left scrolling.

– We’re not the same people.  Email marketing gives tons of insight on what people do with messages, what they respond to most, how they interact with your site, etc.  The more targeted your communication, the better insights you’ll receive; this will let you know what is working and what isn’t, and among who.

– Get social with it!  Companies need to offer something of value to their subscribers before they’ll start following you on other sites.  Use email to offer an incentive, and get the user to follow on Twitter or Facebook to receive the incentive.

– It’s still all about THEM.  Think about what people want in an email. What do you want customers to do with these messages?  Make sure calls-to-action are clearly stated, and benefits are drawn out simply.

Mindsets have changed from “selling and telling” to building customer relationships.  Sure, we’d all love more subscribers and hits on our website; but keeping existing customers is where the profit is.  Mass emails can be too broad, so make it about the individual!