Serving Your Customers… with Twitter

No business ever got ahead by being rude or ignoring their customers – that’s why customer service is a cornerstone of any successful company. And then there was Twitter. Business owners know that they should be engaging customers and clients with social media, but what can you do with 140 characters?

Customer service, that’s what.

You can do more with a single tweet than you might have thought. According to a recent Social Media Examiner post, there are at least 26 ways you can integrate customer service in with your social media policy.

One business that has really been on top of customer service is Bank of America. Six customer service representatives are constantly monitoring and responding to customer issues on their Twitter page. Smaller companies may be harder to reach outside of business hours – you can’t have somebody manning a desk 24/7 for calls.

Twitter to the rescue.

I put this theory to the test last weekend when my Internet was down for an extended amount of time. After getting over the initial panic (“if I don’t have any Internet, is the rest of the world still out there?!”), I called my provider. They said they’d call me back, but never did. So I tweeted at them instead.

What happened next is an example of what not to do: I heard nothing back from my provider for two days. In the mean time, my problem had been fixed. Finally, they responded back. Twice. The first time with a link to troubleshoot my issue; the second to ask if I was still having issues.

The fact that neither of these tweets were timely or even helpful didn’t matter. What mattered was that I knew they heard my problem and made some effort to correct it. In the end, that just might be what any customer wants: to know that somebody on the other end is trying.