SEO: How To Pick the Best Keywords

The main way to increase your business’ visibility on search engines is to focus on your keywords.  How does your company appear in unpaid search results?  You might want to look at the current keywords your business is using.  Do they need to be refined?  Follow the steps below to ensure you’re using the best keywords for your business.

Step 1- Snag keywords before anyone else can.  This typically happens when your business is introducing a new product or service.

Step 2- Pay attention to your own analytics.  Understand what people are searching for on YOUR site, and filter your referring keywords accordingly.

Step 3- Look into PPC to help determine which keywords will make the most difference long term in SEO.

Step 4- Don’t rely purely on quantitative data.  Creating user-focus groups allowing for free discussion around the product can reveal a way of thinking that needs to be reflected in your keywords.

Here are some useful tools for identifying the best keywords for your business:

Google Analytics generates statistics about websites’ traffic and what sources the traffic comes from.  Though this site is mainly used by marketers, it’s a good way to check overall statistics of your website.

Übersuggest is a free keyword tool to optimize PPC campaigns.  Type in a term and Übersuggest gives suggestions for keywords, based on real user searches.

Google AdWords is used to showcase advertisements around Google results for a specific search.  These ads are displayed based on the relevance of their copy to the search term.

Google Trends shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to the total-search volume.  This information is then organized based on regions and languages of the search.

The key to keywords is making sure they’re refined.  Know that your business is using the “right” keywords to attract the “right” kind of visitors.  If you’re not, Google and Übersuggest’s tools can help! Or you could just give Abstrakt a call…