Search Engine Marketing – Get ahead of the game

It’s highly unrealistic to design a website, have it go live and expect everyone to magically stumble upon it. Any good marketing professional knows and understands this concept.

If by sheer happenstance you aren’t using SEM (search engine marketing), you should be. SEM is the process in which you drive traffic for better overall visibility within the online community. If you just need a leg up on your competition, consider a few essential tips.

Know your target audience and study them. What are the demographics of your target market? How can you best sell to them? What are their spending habits like? Interests? What do they really want? The more you can focus in and have a strong idea of your client’s wants and needs, the more effective your services and products will be to them.

Get yourself listed in directories and become active on popular sites. You’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, etc., right? Of course you have.  Use these social media vehicles to make a name for yourself and brand your name consistently. Become visible.

Use split testing.  Split testing separates the big boys from the beginners on the Internet. It’s a marketing test of two different things on your sales page to determine which gets the most sales. In order for the test to be effective, it must reach a rather large audience for a reasonable chance of detecting a meaningful difference between the control and any other tactics.

Keywords are critical. Determine keywords for your company/service/product and “activate” them by using them everywhere. That is part of your branding campaign. Keywords are particularly important when publishing an article and wanting to get that article posted at the top of the search list.

While it may seem like hours of extra work and frustrating tasks to incorporate SEM into your everyday marketing, it’s virtually essential to be seen. If you are a start-up company – any type of company for that matter – that doesn’t have the professionals to conduct proper SEM practices, place it into the hands of experienced SEM specialists. They can ensure the use of their computer and marketing knowledge to bring any company’s site into the spotlight, or at least at the top of the list on Google.