Remember When We’d Watch Video On Our Computers? Stats Show That Times Are Changing

Back in the day (all of five years ago), our biggest concern was if our videos would work in both Mozilla Firefox browsers as well as Internet Explorer. Sigh, the good ‘ol days. Now we’ve got a bit more to be concerned about. As you could’ve guessed, we’re talking about our mobile devices – you know, that device that’s permanently attached to your hand. With our reliance on mobile devices, video marketing has had to take a lot more into consideration and signs show it’s not going to slow down.

In the handy info graphic below, we see that 50 percent of all mobile traffic comes from online video viewing and that the average person has their phone within reach 14 hours per day. It’s safe to say that 14 hours per day is being generous, as many of the people we know keep it on their person 24 hours a day. What that means for brands is that they’re much more likely to reach their target markets through their mobile websites and social sites than anywhere else. That also means if your videos and mobile sites aren’t setup correctly, you could be losing out on  beaucoup bucks.

We’re busy people, constantly on the run and that means we’re going to continue to multi-task and rely on our mobile devices to get our information. If your brand isn’t on board, we’ll just turn to another one that is. We want to know how mobile marketing has changed your business. Share your stories here.

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