Recovering From a Social Media Disaster


We’ve all been there: you got a little heated, drunk, or tired and posted something to a social network that you ended up regretting. In most cases as an individual, it is easy for us to brush off the mistake – delete what you posted and move on. For a business, it is not the case. Because a business is in the public eye on a far more extensive level than an individual, their social media is scrutinized more. One mistake could be a disaster to a brand’s image.



A social media mistake could happen to any business. Here are some tips on how to handle these situations.

Be prepared. One of the best things you can do before a mistake takes place – anticipating that a mistake will happen. Do these three things as part of your planning.

  • Establish a social media policy. This ensures that your employees know what is (and isn’t) acceptable to post on the accounts.
  • Have a crisis communication plan. You don’t want to be coming up with ideas and messages to send out in the middle of a crisis. Have a plan in place that you can consult if a problem ever arises.
  • Have administrative access. Not only make sure that your employees have access to the business account, but make sure the highest levels of administration have access to deny employees or third parties access to your networks. This can keep a disgruntled employee from ruining your image.

Don’t have a knee-jerk reaction. While it can be tempting to immediately respond in a crisis, it is important to take time to respond. Don’t take forever to respond to an issue, but do take enough time to gather your thoughts and release a well-thought-out statement. It is always better to take those few extra moments to respond appropriately.

Don’t hide the mistake. It’s understandable that you would want to hide a mistake; however it’s important to remember that it’s not a crisis that will hurt you, it’s how you handle it. An approach taken by PR professionals is “Mess up. Fess Up. Dress up.” Deleting the update that causes the problem is acceptable for your public image, but acting like it never happened isn’t. Be open and address the problem. Whatever you do, don’t just claim you were “hacked.” Being hacked is quickly turning into the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” of the social media world and unless you were actually hacked, makes you look even worse.

Rebuild your brand’s image. Your brand can make a comeback from a social media disaster – it just takes time. Whether you just needed to correct a typo or completely revamp your business’ brand image to fix it, it is important to keep up all your hard work on your social networks.

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