Recapping the Week [6/30-7/4]

 Abstrakt Success

Once again Abstrakt makes the list of the Fastest Growing Companies in St Louis for 2014. This year we came in ranked at number 3. This is a huge accomplishment to reach this award for another year. Abstrakt set out to achieve growth in every way possible, both for our company and our client’s companies. We realize that we are nothing without the people that we work with. When they succeed, we succeed. No one knows this better than our management team. Read more here.

The Social Media Shake Up

Facebook is always on the move. They must stay relevant with current trends and changes within the social media industry. Any slight slip and they could lose it all. There is so much competition that it could easily be over taken as the top dog if it hasn’t already. The latest tweaks that Facebook has made to the website caused many brands to worry that their posts would go unseen. This scared many companies and may have even prompted some to abandon using Facebook as a means of connecting to their followers. Read more here.

How Memorable Are You?

Marketing is a science. There are all kinds of theories and thought processes that can be utilized when trying to decide on a type of marketing. One interesting theory that comes to mind when thinking about marketing in the automotive industry is recency theory. Recency theory states that the closer to the time of purchase that the ad is seen, the more effect it has upon the person. The idea is that when shopping you will recall the ads that you have seen most recently. There is so much brand parity within. Read more here.

How to Learn From the Expert

Everyone knows a genius that seems to know everything there is to know about being successful. It seems like nothing they do is wrong. They are the ones that people desire to be. Although the success they have achieved is incredible, the time they have to share it is limited. They realize the value of their time is incredibly high and are not always easily accessible when you desire to learn from them. Here are a few key tips in order to really be able to secure time to learn what they.. Read more here.

Should Businesses Blog?

Many businesses out there do not blog and really do not even understand fully what it means to blog. They blow it off as a useless tool that they do not have time for. Another excuse may be that they do not know what to blog about. The fact of the matter is though that blogging is a fun and useful tool that all companies should make use of to benefit their business. A blog can offer so many different benefits to really help a company succeed: Read more here.