Recapping the Week [6/2-6/6]

Quality Over Quantity

There has been some panic in the social marketing industry lately about Facebook. Some companies believe that all the changes that Facebook has been making lately have caused a decrease in views for their brand. And if looking at a general overview of the data, they are correct. Facebook impression numbers are down from where they have been in the past. There is much more to the real story though. Read more here.


CTA Keys for Email Marketing

Most every company markets their business and their products through emails. It is a very common occurrence in today’s technical world. If you are not email marketing, you are missing a big opportunity. With that being said, not all email marketing is equal. Some people understand how it works and how to generate responses, others do not. One result that we all desire from our marketing is a reaction from the reader. Creative calls to action can lead to a large amount of responses if done correctly. Here is a list of a few keys that can be used to increase responses from your email marketing: Read more here.


Perfecting the Sell

The human brain is a fascinating machine. It is very complicated and has yet to really be fully understood. It can be a huge asset when used to its full potential. It can also be a huge opportunity when it comes to selling. If you know how a person will react and how to reach someone, then you can really form a connection and make a sale. Here are a few psychological tips that you should remember when selling your product: Read more here.


The Automotive Success Plan

For over 20 years Abstrakt, has been helping automotive dealers grow their business. We have helped them gain new customers and increase their sales in many different ways. We put into use many different tactics to gain the attention and business of both previous and new customers. Read more here.


What Analytic Tools Do You Need for Your Social Media?

Social media is a huge asset in today’s world when it comes to marketing. Most everyone has either a Facebook profile or a Twitter account. People have a desire to be connected to each other – they want to know what is going on in each other’s lives. While people are using these sites to stay connected to friends, they also are used in a more professional manner for marketing. Companies create brand pages and develop them to form connections and followers. They can stay connected to the people that purchase from them and support the business. These sites can become overwhelming to manage on a daily basis. There are so many of them it can be tough to keep up with. There are some analytic tools that can help you keep up with your business’s social media: Read more here.