Recapping the Week [5/26-5/30]

Is the Feedback You’re Receiving Useful?

Everyone is always curious as to how they are perceived by others. In the business world that view can have a huge impact upon whether or not you are successful. As a business leader you must be able to find out how your company is performing and how you can adjust to better accommodate your customers. Feedback is one of the many key assets that you as a business leader can utilize to help make your company successful. Here are a few key tips in how to find the right feedback: Read more here

Is a Picture Really Worth a 1000 Words?

Social media is an interesting place to be. You never really know what is going to suddenly become popular and when it will spread. A new trend on all social media sites is the use of a lot of pictures. Pictures seem to be working wonders for marketers to spread the word about certain products and the company in general. Here is a list of the best kinds of pictures that you can use on your social media site: Read more here

Linkedin Now Offers Targeted Ads

Linkedin is one of the premier tools that can be used when connecting to businesses and people. Since its introduction, it has allowed people and businesses to connect both throughout the US and all over the globe. It has allowed businesses to direct their marketing and advertising directly at people who want to see it. This is a huge advantage for a business. Linkedin is now taking it to a whole new level. Read more here

The B2B Marketing Opportunity

This may sound very simple and obvious, but companies need clients. They are a necessity to stay in business. You must keep the ones you currently have, but also be constantly on the lookout for new ones. A business must never be complacent with where they are at. That will mark the beginning of the end. With that being said, some companies are not doing all they can to grow their business. Check out the full story here

Logos: How to Begin a Legacy

A logo can say a lot about a business in a very small package. It can show if you’re fun or serious, and it can convey some sort of message to people. The idea is to make something that shows the true side of the company. You want it to be recognizable and memorable. Have you ever wondered how some companies like McDonalds have created such a recognizable logo? All the companies that have a famous logo have a few things in common. Read more here