Recapping the Week [5.5.14- 5.9.14]

Why Story-telling Should Be Part of Your Sales Strategy

Chances are your company has tapped into every department, determined to develop effective content that will improve its sales message. You’ve done the most of the leg work by gathering the information prospective clients are looking for. But sales don’t simply come from that content – it’s the art of good story-telling that will help you sign more deals. Read full post here. 

Didn’t You Know? It’s All About Your Rep

Can you think of a single occurrence where having a bad reputation is considered a good thing? If you’re a business, probably not. And even though the age-old saying goes, “there’s no such thing as bad PR,” I’d be willing to argue that claim – particularly now that we live in the age of social media. The bad PR that used to take days or weeks to spread among a community now takes merely seconds. With that being said, are you doing everything you can to manage your online reputation? Read full post here. 

Scarcity: Increasing Sales while Building Strong Partnerships

How many times have you rushed to order a product online or signed up with a service because the deal you were presented with would soon expire? We see businesses using scarcity every day, from Groupon to TV packages to those pesky infomercials that occupy most channels during the early morning hours. You would think that after all of this time, buyers would understand that there will be a similar deal available to them shortly down the road. Read full post here. 

Gaining Attention with Motion Graphics

Anyone that works in marketing knows how hard it can be to create videos that keeps your viewers’ attention. With numerous companies like yours producing videos at a rapid rate it’s easy for yours to get lost in the bunch. We have turned to motion graphics to solve that problem! Engaging motion graphics and animation brings life, excitement and entertainment to our client videos. Watch video here.