Quality Over Quantity


facebook ads

There has been some panic in the social marketing industry lately about Facebook. Some companies believe that all the changes that Facebook has been making lately have caused a decrease in views for their brand. And if looking at a general overview of the data, they are correct. Facebook impression numbers are down from where they have been in the past. There is much more to the real story though.

Although impressions on your brand’s page may be down, that does not mean that Facebook is no longer the place to market at. The data shows that impressions are down, but it also shows that during the same time frame both viral impression rate and engagement rate have increased. Wouldn’t you much rather prefer a higher engagement rate than number of views? I would love to have more people liking, commenting, and sharing my status or post. These actions can lead to people who don’t normally see the post to see it. It can also give credibility to your brand. If somebody sees that their friend is backing you up and interacting with your business, they may be more inclined to do business with you rather than someone else. The increase of viral impression rate is also a good thing. If you can show your brand to more people who are not already fans, then you are able to create new interest and possibly new fans.

In short, there are two sides to this story. Facebook views have declined for your brand, but the impact of the fewer views is much higher. I will take that tradeoff every day. I would much rather reach people that will actually impact my business instead of viewers that will just scan over my posts. The quality is much more important than the quantity.