Playing Favorites: Google+ to Influence Google Search Results

We rely on Google for just about everything when it comes to positioning ourselves on the web. We want to be on the first page of every Google search that has to do with our industry and services. When Google announces updates, such as the most recent Google Panda algorithm update, we all find ourselves holding our breath to see how the changes would affect our ranking. This week, we found ourselves there again. The Internet giant announced that their search engine would be utilizing Google+ to “influence” personalized searches. With that bit of news, we can only guess the ways that this will affect web rankings going forward.

The new “Search Plus Your World” service offered by Google will offer users unique new features that integrate Google+. Not quite sure what this means? The new Google search will offer results that are customized to each individual searcher and now includes your Google+ connections and profiles in your results. So what’s Google’s goal? To improve the overall search experience by offering unique personalization that had not been formally available.

Search, plus Your World (YouTube)

So what do you think about this new move by Google? Is this Google’s attempt to force their social platform Google+ into the mainstream? Is this an honest effort to improve the relevancy of search results by offering a more personalized experience?  It’s our guess that we will quickly see the impact this change has on our search results and overall Google experience. But will it be better or worse?

Only time will tell. But for now, we wait.