Pinterest’s New Movement


This latest form of advertising may be just what you are looking for: Pinterest is one of the hottest social networking sites in today’s world. Many people get on Pinterest to build and pin a list of things they want and things that interest them. Is that not a marketing gold mine? You could be able to specifically reach a market of people that want what you have.  Pinterest has just released that they are now offering ads for sale within their site. This is one opportunity that will make obvious profits for Pinterest and could help boost yours as well.

The majority of users on Pinterest tend to be middle aged women. Pinterest reports that nearly 85% of their users are women between the ages of 20-60, making this a simple and easy way to specifically target that segment. Although this will allow you to achieve a direct link to them, it will cost you a pretty penny. Right now, they are charging $1-$2 million which breaks down to about $30-$40 for the cost per thousand impressions. The price is relatively expensive to what other companies and websites charge, but the possibilities are endless.

Kraft, for example, is one company who has already signed on to advertise within Pinterest. Kraft knows that some of the hottest boards within Pinterest are food related. If they were able to market certain food items or even send out deals for ingredients to the hottest recipes on Pinterest, they would make very good returns off that investment.

Advertising on Pinterest is a great idea for more companies than just Kraft. Think about how many people you could reach through Pinterest if your company could have a pin pop up as soon as a person searched a specific key word. You would be reaching a very specific market that you already know is interested in what you have. The possibilities within Pinterest advertising are unbelievable. It may cost you in the beginning, but during the testing phase it was found that companies were making back what they put in. Reaching a market that already wants you is an amazing opportunity that should be taken advantage of by companies of all shapes and sizes.