Panda-mize Your Website

Last February, the great and powerful leaders of the Google world released an update to their search engine called Google Panda. The name may sound cute and friendly but the reality of this update is that it has caused major headaches for website owners across industries. Google Panda is an algorithm that was designed to fight off spam websites, duplicate content and the overall garbage that can fill the Internet.

By using stringent guidelines, Panda’s end goal is to improve the search results of top-quality sites. So if you’re a website that contains great, industry-relevant content or a blog that releases new content on a regular basis, you should be thrilled about Panda, right? Yes and no. Google Panda still bases your website rankings off of relevance. However, a higher emphasis is now being placed on social interactions and unique content.

So what can you do to Panda-mize your site?

  • Don’t duplicate your own content and don’t copy others.
  • Proofread everything…twice! Google Panda pays close attention to spelling and grammar.
  • Don’t overload your content with keywords. Readability is the goal.
  • Take precautions when linking to third party websites. If your site is linked to a “spam” site, your site will also be considered in the same category.

In theory, if your website or blog has unique, relevant content that is updated regularly and considered trustworthy, Google Panda shouldn’t throw you too many curve balls. This update by Google, however, is still considered fairly new, so there will continue to be kinks to work out. Keep an eye out for more tips and seo updates in blogs to come.

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