Not Blogging? Big Mistake

As you examine your business growth strategy, you’ll sort through the many marketing tools in your wheelhouse. One that you shouldn’t overlook is blogging. We could probably list at least 100 reasons off the top of our heads for why blogging is a great tool. But to save us both time, we’ll focus on a few and why they relate to growing your business.

The question is no longer “Do you blog?,” it’s “Why don’t you blog?” It seems as if just about every successful business in every niche has taken to blogging. Many times prospects will visit a blog for a product or service without even realizing what it is. That’s because blogging gives your business the advantage of being able to market to prospects in a passive way. It’s accessible to anyone on your website, but you can also use them in other outlets too – such as in email campaigns or on social channels.

If you have something to write about that’s interesting and timely for prospective clients, blogging can help your business. The right blog will drive web traffic, drive sales, and position you as a resource that customers and prospective customers will come back to again and again.

So again, ask yourself – why don’t you blog?