Not at the Digital Media Table, Carlos

It’s not often that you will see Zach Galifianakis and “Angry Birds” in the same sentence, but this is an exciting exception. The 15th Annual Webby Awards presented Galifianakis with four awards for his Web series “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis”, including best comedy short and best online variety show. Alongside Galifianakis was the app sensation “Angry Birds”, which was honored for best game application. The Webbys are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and celebrate Internet achievement. As these awards have showcased—web video production, marketing and online game development— are all battling to be the preferred medium by viewers in this crowded multimedia landscape.

Cable networks have begun to realize that digital video networks deserve a seat at their table; web videos are drawing an immense amount of traffic. Along with web videos, web-based games remain prominent in attracting traffic to sites. Advertising companies are benefiting from their online marketing investments on these sites, driving up revenue and surpassing sales goals. Web video marketing and web video production allow consumers to be highly interactive with advertisements and online content. Video has a natural appeal to audiences: most of us want to “see” something before we want to “read” something. Because most people want their information NOW, video-on-demand is an appealing choice for marketing since it can be downloaded anytime and viewed anytime. The blatant message that comes with using video web marketing is that is provides an additional marketing channel to promote your products and services. So whether you’re producing online video shows or developing interactive games it is certain that the more marketing outlets you use, the more customers you’ll reach.