“Mr. Zuckerberg, do I have your full attention?”

This past week, Google dropped a social bombshell; a new networking platform called Google Plus, which is aimed to directly compete with the “king of poking’s” creation, Facebook. As of now, Google has opened it up to only a small number of folks, only sending out special invites to a select group of people. The exclusivity of the site has caused many social media tweakers to try and receive invites by any means necessary. So is Google Plus all hype or the future of social networking?

On the surface, Google Plus looks a lot like Facebook. It offers you the option to share statues, photos, links, as well as a “people you might know” feature. Sounds pretty familiar, right? Not so fast… there is one major difference and it’s quite significant.    

The feature is called ‘Circles’ and it allows you to separate your family, friends, business, and even create new circles to add people, thus being able to control what content each one of your connections can see. Anytime you share a photo or an update Google will check in with you and ask what circle of connections you would like to share it with. Finally, an answer to the long standing question: “what should I do when my Grandma friends me?” Facebook does offer a similar feature, but anyone who has tried to use it, knows it’s not very user friendly.

Once one of our “A-Team” members receives a golden ticket, we will give you a full, in depth review of the new social phenomenon. Stay tuned!