Mobile Marketers Continue to Make Moves – Are You Ready?

If you’ve been talking about marketing strategies for this year then you’ve probably been discussing mobile marketing – and if you haven’t yet, you’re behind the curve. The number of mobile devices on the market is at an all-time high and is only expected to continue growing. Mobile will continue to be one of the hottest trends this year as well as one of the biggest obstacles for businesses to overcome. With so many customers relying solely on their mobile devices, we’re having to rethink everything from design to delivery. 

Your marketing strategy will no longer only consist simply of mediums like email, direct mail, radio production and print advertising. Now, you will have to add such terms as geolocation, SEO, social marketing and mobile sites to your marketing playbook.

There are two main channels customers will be reaching your content through – smartphones and tablets. How and where customers engage with you will ultimately depend on how easy your mobile site is to navigate. If your website isn’t currently mobile friendly, for example, you can certainly count on that deterring customers from looking at it going forward. Not only are customers expecting every business to have a mobile site, but they are also expecting it to be user friendly.

Additionally, more mobile users means more customers will communicate in real-time, which may or may not present customer service concerns with your company.

Forrester, a global research and advisory firm, had predicted numerous trends in 2012 that still hold true today for mobile marketers.

Has your company made room for mobile marketing in this year’s budget? Do you agree that mobile marketing is here to stay? Share your predictions with us.