Make ‘em laugh

Humor is a funny thing (no pun intended).  When you hear a funny joke or see something that makes you chuckle, it tends to stay with you.  We hate to make generalizations here at The A-Team abode, but we are willing to go out on a limb and say this applies to most people.

So why not incorporate humor into your social media campaign? Yes, we understand that not all brands are lighthearted, but the entire objective of marketing is getting the consumer’s attention, right? Once you have their attention, you have the opportunity to directly engage with them.  Once engagement begins, brand awareness will increase and if you’re lucky—SALES!

Before you start, here are a few tips that will help you along the way:

#1 Keep it clean: Attention is good, but there is the exception to every rule. The kind of backlash you may receive if you decide to go all Cinemax could be more than you’re ready for.

#2 Don’t be scared: Like we said earlier, just because your brand is serious doesn’t mean you can’t have fun from time to time. Brands like this normally loath self-deprecating humor and it’s truly a shame. Audiences always react positively when serious folk take a piss, i.e. Bob Dole appearing on Saturday Night Live. His approval rating went through the roof once Americans realized he wasn’t just some crotchety old geezer. Unfortunately for him, the election was already over.

#3 Don’t give the job to just anyone: This might be the important rule of them all. Be very careful who you let sail your social media ship. If their brand of humor doesn’t match up with the businesses brand, the results could disastrous. This person MUST understand it’s not them posting, it’s the company.

What are your thoughts? If valuable information is conveyed in a humorous way, are you more receptive?