Long Live the Brochure!

145056.5466496So you’re sitting in the doctor’s office, and most likely you’re surrounded by reading materials galore!  Not only are there twenty out-of-date magazines lying around, there’s definitely also a pile of dusty brochures sitting in the corner somewhere.  Though informational, a physical brochure seems outdated with the internet, right?  Not so fast: printed brochures can have a longer-lasting impact on the customer, inspiring them to hang on to those with useful information.

Unfortunately, the costs of printing, postage, labels and reprints are affecting how many printed brochures we see in our world.  Naturally, online brochures have risen in popularity, especially with tree lovers!  These brochures can be easily updated if price or product information changes, and can be distributed through email or posted on a company website.  Here are some tips to consider when creating an online brochure:

1.  Write it like they’ll read it.  Be sure you’re structuring your brochure to read in a logical order.  Keep in mind possible questions that could come up at each point in the information, and attempt to follow the potential reader’s thought process.

2.  Look inside!  Motivate the reader to pick up the brochure and look inside.  Possibly include special discounts, exclusive invites and freebies. Give the viewer directions to guide them through the brochure, and inspiring them to read on.

3.  Sell, sell and sell!  Most likely, the customer doesn’t care about every detail of your manufacturing process.  Only include information in your brochure that showcases a benefit to your customer.

4.  My, do you look ravishing today?  Make your content personal.  Jump out and say, “Yeah man, I’m talking to you!”  Give them tips from the pros, lists of how-tos, etc. to keep them reading.

5.  Let me get those digits!  Ask the reader for some form of action, whether it be surrendering email or phone number, or filling out a reply card.  This is a great way to generate leads that are already interested and educated in your business.

In my opinion, brochures aren’t going anywhere for a while, whether they be physical or online.  They’re a great way to illustrate information in a visually appealing way.  It’s common to find brochures in information centers and hotels, but maybe soon we’ll see businesses getting creative.  Think outside the box!  Maybe it’s just us marketers, but I’d be pretty upset if brochures became extinct.