Logos: How to Begin a Legacy


A logo can say a lot about a business in a very small package. It can show if you’re fun or serious, and it can convey some sort of message to people. The idea is to make something that shows the true side of the company. You want it to be recognizable and memorable. Have you ever wondered how some companies like McDonalds have created such a recognizable logo? All the companies that have a famous logo have a few things in common.

Be original– You want to stand out from the crowd. A plain old logo will not draw attention and not make a very big impact. In order to draw the attention you desire, you must be different than anything that has come before.

Know Yourself– You have to have an idea of what you want your logo to say. If you know your company, then it should be simple and easy to determine the message you want your log to convey to the public.

Eye Catching– Whether it be the use of color or design, it must be able to make people look. If someone sees your logo out of the corner of their eye, they should be attracted to it. If it can draw attention in this manner, it will be more memorable. Being memorable is very important to the growth of your business.

Keep It Simple– If there is too much going on, people will not stop to look at it. The simpler the design is the better. This will allow people who are driving by it to turn and notice without being too distracted. Again this goes back to being memorable. The simpler a design is, the easier it will be to remember.

These may seem like obvious points, but they can be easily forgotten. A logo is the very definition of a company’s brand. If you need help to create something memorable that can draw attention, Abstrakt is here for you. We have a graphic design team that can really help to gain views of your company and build your business. Check us out here.