Living by the words of Legend Leo Burnett

220px-Leo_BurnettFor those of you who don’t know the reputation of Leo Burnett just by the mention of his name, he is a legend among many in the advertising world. Responsible for creating some of the world’s most well-known campaigns and characters, such as Tony the Tiger and the Marlboro Man, Burnett set the stage for what it means to be successful in this industry.

The fact that he was a creative wonder is not why we are talking about Leo Burnett today, no; he was much more than that. Burnett is quoted saying, “Don’t tell me how good you make it; tell me how good it makes me when I use it.” No other words could more encompass the true goals of marketing. Many agencies base their livelihood around stunning campaign pieces, and although they should hold extreme pride in those pieces of work, we believe that their end goal should be more.

The question isn’t how great are the materials you produce for your clients, but, as Burnett alludes, how great will those materials make your clients. Creative campaigns and catchy taglines only go as far as the business they generate. Unlike some of our industry colleagues, our company designs every piece of marketing material around the business growth goals of our clients. While we still create stunning work that will rival any other in our industry, it is designed with a purpose of driving sales. We took Burnett’s words to heart and we want our creations to make businesses better businesses, not just another pretty face.