LinkedIn Lures Us In Again

Over the past couple of years, LinkedIn has done a pretty good job of keeping our attention. And even when we stray away for a bit, they always manage to bring us back. So what’s the latest with LinkedIn that’s captured our attention? LinkedIn Contacts.

So here’s the deal. LinkedIn Contacts takes all of your contacts (everyone from your LinkedIn connections to your email contacts), and puts them in one easily accessible place. Now that’s neat enough, but according to LinkedIn, the tool is so much more than that. LinkedIn Contacts will now serve as a go-to tool for professionals looking to stay actively connected. You will get reminders when it’s a connection’s birthday or if they accept a new position. The tool also allows you to see your contact history so that you can track how often you and your connection communicate. This will be particularly handy in reminding you to reach out to connections you’ve lost touch with.

From personal experience, I can’t get into too much detail about the benefits of LinkedIn Contacts because I am still holding tight on the waiting list. Once I dive fully into this great tool, you can be sure to expect an update. If you’re already using LinkedIn Contacts, leave us a note telling us what you think about it.