LinkedIn Helps Small Business in a Big Way

If you’ve been active on LinkedIn for a while, you’ve probably noticed quite a bit of changes over the past year. From status updates to the skills and expertise section, many of these changes and features are to the benefit of small businesses. Aside from these, LinkedIn can be a tremendous help through other ways as well.

Benefits LinkedIn Brings to Small Businesses

  • Easy way to network requiring less time than traditional methods of networking
  • Opportunity to reach your target demographic
  • Ability to highlight your company’s products, services and talent
  • Visitor to lead conversion is almost three times higher than other social platforms (via Hubspot)
  • Offers a public place to display positive company recommendations
  • Keeps your business on top of mind
  • Helps find new talent
  • Allows you to lead local and industry thought
  • Win new business by answering industry questions and becoming an expert in your field

These are just some of the many benefits small business can receive from actively participating on LinkedIn. If you’re still not convinced that LinkedIn can drastically help grow your business, contact our experts- we’d love to make LinkedIn work for you.