LinkedIn – Being the Face of Your Brand

linkedinimageThe best way to do this is to make your company feel less like a business and more like a person. Using social media is one of the best ways to give your brand a “personality.”

Here are some suggestions on how LinkedIn can help be the face of your company or brand:

  • Engage others. Do not just post advertisements for yourself – engage users in useful conversations that not only establish your brand’s authority, but also appeal to your target audience’s interests.
  • Recommendations. Being able to write a personal recommendation for an individual or business is one of the greatest features of LinkedIn. Because many people trust online reviews, they can be a very important part of your brand’s image. Be sure to thank customers for a recommendation – this engagement will further cement the good perception they have of your brand and will likely mention your business to others.
  • Be real. The best way to engage someone is to come off as authentic. Consumers are not drawn to content that seems bland and impersonal, so add a personal touch to each post.
  • Don’t forget analytics. One of the best features LinkedIn offers is analytics. This feature allows you to see how others are responding to your posts and helps identify what is working—and what isn’t. With data in hand, your strategy can be tweaked to better serve your audience.

Building your brand’s image on social media is vital to growing your business. Abstrakt is a business growth company that offers full-agency services and can help develop your brand’s social media presence.