Lead Generation Communication- Are you mixing your mediums?


Your leads have seen it all. Every company is out there looking for new prospective companies to work with. Business growth is an essential part of any company. More business equals more money, it is that simple. In the world today, it has become so easy to get your marketing out to multiple companies quick. The problem is that not all companies will respond to the same marketing. Different aspects will entice different people. Due to this fact it is very beneficial for you to add some variance to your marketing.

A good mix of communication mediums, can keep the company’s interest on you. You have to produce different types of marketing assets and design them in ways that no other company has. A revolutionary idea will wow a company. Using different assets will allow you to send different messages in new ways. A motion graphic video for instance can grab the attention of a prospective client with their visuals and also convey a message with the audio as well. A video will be able to give a more in depth message than any other form. A brochure on the other hand can give a small bit of information about the company and what they do. It will be easy to leave after a meeting to give them a reminder about you. An infographic can give out basic data about the business you conduct, without overwhelming the client with too much information that they may not understand. A case study is an asset that allows you to target the company the best. You can produce a case study about a company you have helped who was in the same situation as them. It will boost their belief in what you do and encourage them to use you for help. These are just a few of the many options that are out there for use.

Mixing up the mediums you use for communication will keep you interesting. If your designs are good they may even begin to look forward to receiving a new piece of marketing from you. After receiving a few pieces, the prospect should have a good idea of what your business does and how they can help them. The different tools you use will allow them to see the big picture over time rather than overwhelming them all at once.