Knowledge is Power


Information is power and it’s especially powerful in an industry as competitive as sales. A salesperson will take any advantage they can get. Even a slight edge can make all the difference between making a sale and losing a prospect. This is so important to the sales process that Abstrakt has an entire step in its program dedicated to the concept.

We call this the cleansing phase. We realize the importance of what this step accomplishes and we take it very seriously. We know that all the information that is gathered during this time will set us up for success in the long run. Begin by collecting survey data and identifying leads. There will be numerous companies of all sizes that we identify as possible new clients for your clients. After developing an extensive list of prospects we proceed to make initial contact and qualify these companies. Obviously the original list will be lengthy, but we will narrow it down by identifying which companies will be the best match for your company. We will then establish who the decision maker is. A conversation and an appointment are great, but if you’re not talking to somebody who can make a final decision, you’re wasting your time. During this phase we will make up to 6 phone calls in order to acquire this information. These calls will allow us to bring in hundreds of companies through this phase in a month’s time.

Information is the key to success. Knowing a company and who you are talking to will allow you to establish a relationship and talk to that person on a level that no one else can. Achieving this connection is a huge first step in the process of getting the sale. Abstrakt has years of experience in cleansing potential clients. Come learn more about our Pipeline process today.