Kindergarten Taught You to Share!

One hundred million is quite a lot of anything, but one hundred million people potentially visiting your business’s site?  Talk about a huge return on investment.  They say roughly one hundred million users watch online videos each day!  With the popularity of video growing and growing, marketers should know this is an essential part of your communication.

A business creating their own video content is a great way to get followers and shares, but it can be time consuming and expensive!  Combining your content with user-generated content and others’ content is a good way to put out diverse, shareable information, and make your business look like a leader in your field.  Great content, whether it is a blog, video or social post, can attract more fans, followers and friends.  But what inspires users to share?

Thinking about what I share on my social pages, it’s generally event related or has something to do with current topics. (Oh, how my Twitter feed is covered in playoff hockey posts.)  I see people ask questions and spark conversation surrounding an article or video.  Friends share articles and videos on my page that interest me, like a link to buy Hall & Oates tickets.  I feel most users just want to be the first to share something, or come across as knowledgeable about a topic.

Check out these video sharing websites that can help get more attention to your business:

YouTube– Clearly the most popular video site currently, with a potential reach of over 133 million visitors per month.

Flickr– This site is great for short videos and commercials, reaching over 20 million visitors monthly.

Vimeo– Though not as large, this YouTube competitor has over 9 million monthly viewers.

UStream– A newer site that lets your business broadcast video, live chat, and conduct video interviews to their 3 million plus viewers.