Keys to Voicemails


Have you ever really considered what to say when calling a prospective customer and you get their voicemail? You prepped for a long time and were ready to make that connection, and then they don’t answer. What do you do now? Don’t panic! Here are a few keys to remember when leaving a voicemail.

  • The shorter the message is the better. People will only pay attention for a short period of time before their mind begins to wander.
  • Connect as quickly as possible. If you can make a connection between you and the prospect, they are more inclined to listen to what you have to say.
  • Be personal. This goes hand in hand with making the connection. It is best to use their first name to build a relationship between you and the prospect.
  • Never sell on a voicemail. The objective of the voicemail you leave is to garner the interest of the prospect. You want to make yourself desirable to them, not drive them away before ever talking to them.
  • Don’t ask questions. This seems rather obvious. Why ask questions when they can’t give you an answer?
  • Don’t start the message with your name and company. You will need to slide that in later, but begin with something else. If they hear it’s a sales call, they may just delete it without listening.
  • Don’t refer back to other messages that you have previously left. This can be redundant. You don’t want them to remember times when they blew you off in the past.
  • Let them know that you will be calling them back. If they know that you will be following up they may have more of an incentive to listen and possibly call you back.

Leaving voicemails can be a puzzling situation if you don’t have much experience in leaving them. They are important because you have one shot at leaving the perfect message. That message is the one possible way of connecting to that prospective customer. The main point of the voicemail you are leaving is to build desire within the prospect. If the message you leave either turns them off or doesn’t excite them, you may have just lost that person as a possible customer. This list is just a few quick and easy steps that must be utilized in order to keep the interest and not turn people away before ever meeting them