Keys to Cold Calling Success


Generating leads is one of the toughest parts of the sales process. Where will you find them? How will you connect with them? What will you say? These are the questions you’re probably asking yourself. Although tough, generating leads is a necessity to growing any business.  More prospects lead to more sales, which leads to more growth in your business. Cold calling is one strategy that will work to help you generate the leads you need. Some people are too scared to try cold calling, but when done correctly it can lead to massive results. Here are few tips to help you get started on cold calling.

Set-up for success. Plan out your day. Know who you’re going to call and when. With a predetermined schedule you will be more likely to meet your goals than if you fly by the seat of your pants.

Research. Research. Research. Know who you are calling. Knowing what is important to your prospects will allow you to create a pitch that’s specifically appealing to them.

Find a connection. LinkedIn has made connecting to prospects extremely simple. If you cannot connect directly with your prospects via LinkedIn, find a similar connection. If you know someone that could facilitate an introduction, it will establish more of a trusting environment between you and the person you are calling.

Ask questions. Similar to doing research, you need to ask questions in order to tailor your sales pitch to include the needs of the company. Finding out what the goals are of the prospect  you are speaking with will go a long way in establishing a relationship between their company and yours.

Keep accurate records. Knowing who you have called and when you called them is important. Not every call will immediately result in a sale. The idea is to know when you last spoke with each specific prospect and have accurate notes to review that reference your earlier discussions. If they seemed interested about a certain topic but did not want to commit at that time, a follow-up call down the road may result in closed business. Remembering details regarding your previous discussions will ensure you stand out to your prospective customers.

Cold calling can be a tough sales strategy to master, but when executed properly it can be an incredible lead generation tactic.