Keys for Twitter Success


Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites around. It’s the main competitor of the social leader, Facebook. Twitter, although it’s a social networking site, is a little different than the norm.  Brands have exploded onto the Twitter scene over the past few years and this growth of brands has brought new issues to the forefront. People aren’t sure how to use the site correctly or effectively. Here are some simple tips you can follow to keep your tweets relevant and accessible.

Keep it simple. You have a much smaller space to work with.  You have a set number of characters, but it is not a bad thing. This keeps you from typing so much that the message is not conveyed to the reader. Keeping it short and sweet will encourage more people to stop and spend a few seconds reading your tweet.

Keep up with the trends. Twitter makes it simple for you to see what’s trending on their site. This allows you to comment on the current trends, which leads your tweets to be viewed by the most amount of people.

Make it eye catching. Visuals such as pictures can go a long way. When someone is scrolling through a list of tweets, a large picture will pop up bigger than the usual tweet. It will automatically bring their attention to the picture. As their curiosity is peaked, they will then read the tweet that is associated.

Hashtags are important. A good hashtag can increase the popularity of the tweet. The more popular the hashtag, the bigger the viewership. Keep your hashtag relevant. A clever word or two in a hashtag will enhance the effect the tweet has on its reader.

Twitter is an incredible tool that can be used to reach thousands of people with one quick and short message. It’s allowed for increased amounts of communication with people you would have never been able to reach before. Through Twitter you have a chance to reach people who are looking for what you have and that is an incredible opportunity that needs to be taken advantage of.