It’s That Time of Year Again, Super Bowl…Ads!

In just a few short days we will all gather to watch the “big game,” Super Bowl Sunday – an unofficial national holiday. Sure, many of us will watch most of the game and cheer on one of the teams (Seahawks vs. Patriots for those of you who were still unaware), but the real attraction isn’t any of that…it’s the ads.

Since we now live in a world that advertises for its advertisements, several teaser ads have already been released which leaves us buzzing and speculating what else the top brands will bring to us during this annual event.

Well-known advertiser, Bud Light, has already released its teaser ad as part of their #UpForWhatEver campaign and Lexus released their ad that leaves us both confused but not surprised at its content unrelated to their topic at hand. So the question we present to you is this: what else will 2015 Super Bowl ads bring to the table? What topics will be highlighted or exploited? We want to know your thoughts, so share with us your Super Bowl ad predictions below!