Is Your Business on the Social Media Romance Bandwagon?

For those who have always considered Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark holiday,” we’re starting to think they’re not far off.  As February 14 slowly creeps up on us, we expect to see a lot of “two-for-one” deals, longer lines at restaurants, and movie theatres full of couples.  How is your company planning to snag some recognition on one of the largest consumer days of the year?Abstrakt Marketing Group

One of the easiest ways to grab attention for your business is a contest, of course.  At Abstrakt Marketing, we’re looking at the biggest form of social media that encourages people to share: Facebook.  We’d like to give props to Fandango for finding a way to advertise their business in a fun, interactive way.

Love is a Bracketfield” has simple rules:  vote for one of two movies each week — and keep playing through the rounds until you’ve reached the end.  Every week, Fandango will take out the movies with the lowest votes until just one remains standing.  Each time you play, you increase your chances of winning a year’s worth of movie date nights. With the current prices of movie tickets, who wouldn’t love that?

And how does Fandango come out on top?  You have to “like” their page before you can play.  Fandango reaches more people, increasing their brand awareness with a custom app on one of the largest social media platforms used today.  Pretty smart, huh?  “Love is a Bracketfield” starts their next round today!

Between deals and contests, what strategies has your business used?  Let us know your marketing strategy in the comment section below!