Is TV Ad Targeting the New Way to Go?

Television commercials can always be hit or miss when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. So how can you make sure your TV commercial is a hit? With the help of Twitter, of course! Companies can now combine their TV advertising with Twitter by using a product called TV Ad Targeting.

With Twitter Ad Targeting, brands are able to track things like which program the ad aired and at what time. Twitter Ad Targeting helps companies target people with Promoted Tweet ads that would show up in their timeline. After the beta release of the product in May (with successful results), Twitter’s TV Ad Targeting product is now available in the U.S. According to Twitter, “…being exposed on TV and then engaged with a Promoted Tweet demonstrate 95 percent stronger message association and 58 percent higher purchase intent compared to users identified as being exposed on TV alone.” That’s an impressive number!

With Twitter’s Promoted Tweets product, marketers can now enhance their TV ad campaigns and engage customers through social media. How do you feel about Twitter’s new tool to advertisers? Do you think it’s a hit or miss?